Toywatch: Whiteboard Photo

Mike Brown pointed me to Whiteboard Photo – a simple little tool for converting crappy photos of whiteboards into something usable. It even distorts the image to compensate for the perspective the photo was taken at.


A mere $249 – good value for money.

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  1. Yeah, we got this last year, great for brainstorming sessions. You could do it all in photoshop, but it is so easy to use our PA can do the donkey work. The best bit is the way it sorts out the perspective, deskewing the image for ya.

    • Sally
    • August 5th, 2003

    We’ve used it too. It’s fast, too. It only takes one click to clean the pictures up.

    We also use it for snapping photos of printed pages. It makes a really fast way to send someone a copy of a document in e-mail. Goodbye fax machine!

    I only wish my digital camera had the same software.

    • Michael Brown
    • August 6th, 2003

    Cool – glad you like it! Not only is it cool that it sorts out the perspective, but this is necessary to eliminate flash when you take the photo face-on.

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