New Book: Java Open Source Programming

Our new book, (With the snappy title, Java Open Source Programming : with XDoclet, JUnit, WebWork and Hibernate) hits the shelves this months. A joint effort between Pat Lightbody, Ara Abrahamian, Mike Cannon-Brookes and myself.

This book :

* Highlights many of the complexities of J2EE and shows how to leverage best of breed open-source tool to reduce or even eliminate these.
* Introduces you to some of the coolest open-source projects in the history of mankind.
* Demonstrates the test-driven-development to drive design (and even some tests).
* And most importantly of all… shows how to combine these tools and techniques to deliver an end-application.

Go pre-order!

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  1. Any webwork2 coverage? I pre-ordered this back on Oct 15. Any idea when these will be shipping?

    • Anonymous
    • November 11th, 2003

    When will the code appear?

  2. YES, lots of WebWork2 coverage! It’s all WebWork2.

    The code will appear online at the end of November.

  3. Well done mate – its been a long time coming but I’m sure its worth it. Heck, I’ve been coding .NET all year and even I might read it! ;)

    • Danilo Gurovich
    • February 10th, 2004

    I bought your book. Absolutely love it, your ideas are fresh. I’m a struts developer and will be building your PetSoar site from your book to see what you’re doing.

    One problem. I’m using IntelliJ 3.0.5 and I applied what you did to configure Resin — Page 236. I’m getting a NoClassDefFoundError in my console — I know that I’m doing something wrong.

    I tried to find the book’s errata site or any info to fill in the blanks, but I’m getting too many answers and none are alike.

    Can you fill in the gaps? I don’t think I’m the only one dying on this.


    Danilo Gurovich

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