OT2004 : Personal Practices Map

In the evening, everyone had a chance to run a Birds of a Feather session. I thought I’d give it a go and repeat the session from XtC last year.

It was a chance to talk to other developers about the little things we do that help guide development.

It was a calm and enlightening session. I felt I learned a lot from the attendees. Techniques that I would probably otherwise never know about unless I actually paired with them.

I look forward to doing this again at ADC.

Romilly generated a topic map from the results: (click here)

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  1. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the excellent session – it’s the little things no-one discusses much and, together, they make a big difference. Thanks also to everyone for their ideas and Romilly for the map.

    On the Programmer’s Thesaurus – the session inspired me to do finally do a bit of work on the idea: http://mahemoff.com/programmasaurus/

    Some discussion at Tuesday’s XTC about an IDE plugin, I’m working on it.

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