ASP.NET MasterPages and SiteMesh

It’s nice to see the SiteMesh approach catching on… ASP.NET 2.0 includes a features called MasterPages, which is a kind of hybrid of SiteMesh and Tiles .

Specifying a master page with ASP.NET is similar to how you do with SiteMesh – a plain HTML page containing common look and feel, with placeholders for the actual content. However with master pages, you need to change the actual pages serving the content to map fragments of content back to the place holders in the master page. This adds yet more noise to typically already noisy ASP.NET pages – a minor downer.

Overall, it’s looking pretty promising. A nice bonus is how the page designer in VS.NET will render your master page when editing content pages, but grey it out. Look.

Anyhoo… I’ll be demonstrating SiteMesh.NET and talking about MasterPages at the Bangalore .NET User Group tomorrow (Thursday) night. If you’re in the area, please drop on by.

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    • Lol
    • May 28th, 2004

    hi Joe

    Where could we access SiteMesh.NET ?


  1. Currently, it is only available from CVS. Over the next few weeks, we shall be announcing an official release and launching a website.

    You can find *some* documentation here:

    • suraj
    • June 18th, 2004

    Hi Joe,

    i attended your session at the bangalore .net user group in thoughtworks. I was very impressed by the concept anf the stuff u have done. When i went to the website at sourceforge i am unable to find a download. i sent emails to you at your thoughtworks ID but they bounced back. So if you coud please send me the the sitmesh ( all the stuff) to my emails or atleast guid me to the llink where i can download this i would be greatful.

    Regards Suraj

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