How to host your own private CVS repository

Here’s a quick way to host your own remote private CVS repository, accessible via SSH.

All you need is an SSH enabled shell account on a UNIX box that has the CVS client installed. If the box doesn’t have a cvs client installed, you should be able to download a binary (or compile source) and place it in your local path. If you have webspace somewhere, chances are you’ve got everything you need.

Assuming, the server is, your username is myuser and your home dir on that server is /home/myuser, here are the steps:

* SSH to
* mkdir /home/myuser/cvsroot
* cvs -d /home/myuser/cvsroot init

Now, you can access your private CVS repository from anywhere using the CVSROOT

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    • Joseph Ottinger
    • May 25th, 2004

    I didn’t know your blog was meant for basic tutorials now.

  1. Joseph,

    Things like this are a nice courtesy to a lot of people =)

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