Joe’s Backflipping for Autistic Research – time is nearly up…

A reminder of my challenge:

I’ve had six weeks (I’m now on week five) to learn to do backflips to raise money for the International Autistic Research Organization.

This includes:

1. A single back handspring
2. Three back handsprings in a row
3. A single back somersault

Full details, including descriptions of the moves, can be found in my previous blog entry.

h2. When/Where?

I’m going to attempt this on Friday 8th October at 3pm. If you’re in London, and want to come and watch it’ll be at Finsbury Pavement – nearest tube Moorgate or Liverpool Street.

If you can’t make it, there will also be a video available on the net, not long afterwards.

h2. To those who have sponsored me

I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the generousity of the sponsors. I genuinely never expected to raise this amount of money. I’ll reveal the total amount on the day. Of course, it’s now down to me to actually do the stuff so you pay up :).

So, once again, THANK YOU!

After the challenge, I’ll send out details of how to get the money to me.

h2. To those who haven’t sponsored me yet

There’s still time! Just email me saying how much you’ll sponsor for
1) A single back handspring
2) Three back handsprings in a row
3) A single back somersault

For example: “Joe, I will sponsor you 10, 20, 50” (or currency of your choosing).

Note that if I achieve more than one of these, you only pay the maximum amount.

h2. My progress

My shoulder is slightly injured and I’m still feeling dizzy from the time I landed on the ground head-first. Other than that it’s been going well. I learned the technique from some tutorials I found round the net, and have been practising every weekend on my bouncy castle.

The biggest problem I have at the moment is fear. No matter how many times I do it, I always get really nervous before launching and usually bottle out. I hope this doesn’t happen on the day.

For safety reasons, I’ve decided that I will attempt the complete back somersault (i.e. with no hands) with an inflatable matress behind me to break my fall, rather than my neck. The back handsprings shall be on grass. I will also be wearing wrist supports.

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    • greg
    • October 7th, 2004

    I hope this is gonna be video taped! :)

  1. we do freerunning and we are learning back sommersaults and stuff. :P

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