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SiteMesh logo design contest

I’m looking for a gorgeous new logo for SiteMesh, so I”ve just launched  a logo design contest on It will run for 7 days and has a prize of $400 – of course, the real prize is the good feeling of contributing back to the SiteMesh project ;).

The brief…

Clean, simple, modern.

Feel free to use whatever font you like, or create your own. Remember that SiteMesh is associated with clean and simple. If you use (or derive from) an existing font, please specify what font this is and where it can be obtained.

The logo should be on a flat (single color) background, so it is easy to place in different places. If the background is not white, please also supply a variation of the logo that has a white background (e.g. to use in print outs).

Color scheme:
Up to you.

Would like two variations of the logo:
1. The worded logo: This focus of this must be the word ‘SiteMesh’. It will typically be used in the header of every page of the website, documentation, etc.
2. The icon based logo: This would typically appear in small square placements (e.g. a desktop icon). It does not need to contain the text ‘SiteMesh’ but should be easy to recognize as associated with the worded logo. Should look good at small sizes (e.g. 42×42).

Please supply original high-resolution files of whatever tool you use to create the logo (e.g PSD), so I can make modifications and rescale in the future as necessary.

I’ve joined Google

Woooo….. this looks fun.

How to host your own private CVS repository

Here’s a quick way to host your own remote private CVS repository, accessible via SSH.

All you need is an SSH enabled shell account on a UNIX box that has the CVS client installed. If the box doesn’t have a cvs client installed, you should be able to download a binary (or compile source) and place it in your local path. If you have webspace somewhere, chances are you’ve got everything you need.

Assuming, the server is, your username is myuser and your home dir on that server is /home/myuser, here are the steps:

* SSH to
* mkdir /home/myuser/cvsroot
* cvs -d /home/myuser/cvsroot init

Now, you can access your private CVS repository from anywhere using the CVSROOT

Toywatch: Whiteboard Photo

Mike Brown pointed me to Whiteboard Photo – a simple little tool for converting crappy photos of whiteboards into something usable. It even distorts the image to compensate for the perspective the photo was taken at.


A mere $249 – good value for money.